Upgrade Guide

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Upgrade from v2.4 to v3.0

  • TBD

Upgrade from v2.3 to v2.4

Breaking Changes

  • Supports React 17

  • Dependency Upgrades, major ones: d3-xxx@^2, redux@4.0.5, type-analyzer@0.3.0, react-palm@~3.3.7

New Features

  • Support incremental timeline animation

  • Allow changing dataset in layer config

  • Enable polygon filter for h3 layer

  • Show last added filter at the top

Bug Fixes

  • Avoid duplicated h3 layer detection

  • Fixed bug when reversing color palette not update

Upgrade from v2.2 to v2.3

  • Upgrade dependencies to deck.gl@8.2.0, loaders.gl@2.2.5 and luma.gl@8.2.0. This should only affects projects with the above libraries in its dependencies.

Upgrade from v2.1 to v2.2

New Features

  • Interaction - Added Geocoder in the interactin panel


  • Localization - Added Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese translations

Bug Fixes

  • Layer - Aggregation layer fix out-of-domain coloring for valid strings

  • Export - Fixed download file for microsoft edge

API Update

  • Components - Exported map drawing editor factories

Upgrade from v2.0 to v2.1

Breaking Changes

  • Upgrade Node v10 for dev development, node requirement is now at >=10.15.0

New Features

  • Provider - Add cloud provider API

  • Layer - Added S2 Layer

  • Basemap - Added satellite to base map styles options

  • Theme - Added base UI theme to theme option as base


  • UI - Improved data table and layer panel header

  • Filter - Better handle filter steps for small domains

Bug Fixes

  • Layer - Remove incorrect outlier for better map center detection

  • Layer - Fix point layer stroke width

  • Basemap - Fix bug custom map style not saved correctly

  • Export - Fix bug exported html blank

Upgrade from v1.1.12 to v2.0

Breaking Changes

  • Upgrade deck.gl to 8.0.15, this only affects projects with deck.gl in its dependencies. Because only one version of deck.gl can be loaded.

New Features

  • GPU Filter - Improved time and numeric filter performance by moving calculation to GPU

  • Geo Fitler - Added drawing polygon function, allow filter layer based on polygon


  • Layer - Improved GeoJson and H3 layer geometry rendering

  • UI - Support custom side panel tabs. example

Bug Fixes

Upgrade from v1.1.11 to v1.1.12

Breaking Changes

Dependency Upgrade

  • react and react-dom: minimum required version is now ^16.3

  • react-redux is upgraded to ^7.1.3. If you have older version of react-redux in your app. You will have error loading kepler.gl, likely due to multiple version of react-redux installed.

  • react-palm: required version is now ^3.1.2.

  • react-route: if you are using react-router, we suggest using ^3.2.5 to avoid React 16.8 lifecycle deprecation warning in the console.

Bug Fixes

  • Cluster Layer: Fix incorrect cluster point count. Fix cluster layer missing in exported image.

Moved from kepler.gl/utils to @kepler.gl/table

  • maybeToDate

  • getNewDatasetColor

  • createNewDataEntry

  • setFilterGpuMode

  • assignGpuChannels

  • assignGpuChannel

  • resetFilterGpuMode

  • getGpuFilterProps

  • getDatasetFieldIndexForFilter

Moved from kepler.gl/utils to @kepler.gl/reducers

  • findMapBounds

  • exportData


  • getDefaultInteraction


  • findFieldsToShow

  • getTooltipDisplayDeltaValue

  • getTooltipDisplayValue

  • LayersToRender

  • AggregationLayerHoverData

  • LayerHoverProp

  • findDefaultLayer

  • calculateLayerData

  • getLayerHoverProp

  • renderDeckGlLayer

  • isLayerRenderable

  • isLayerVisible

  • prepareLayersForDeck

  • prepareLayersToRender

  • getCustomDeckLayers

  • ComputeDeckLayersProps

  • computeDeckLayers

Moved from kepler.gl/processors to @kepler.gl/utils


  • validateInputData

  • getSampleForTypeAnalyze

  • getFieldsFromData

  • renameDuplicateFields

  • analyzerTypeToFieldType

Moved from kepler.gl/templates to @kepler.gl/utils

  • exportMapToHTML

Moved from kepler.gl/layers to @kepler.gl/utils

  • getCentroid

  • idToPolygonGeo

  • h3IsValid

  • getHexFields

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