Get Started


Use Node v6 and above, older node versions have not been tested

npm install --save

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Basic Usage

1. Mount reducer uses Redux to manage its internal state, along with react-palm middleware to handle side effects. Mount reducer in your store, apply taskMiddleware.

import keplerGlReducer from '';
import {createStore, combineReducers, applyMiddleware} from 'redux';
import {taskMiddleware} from 'react-palm/tasks';

const reducer = combineReducers({
  // <-- mount reducer in your app
  keplerGl: keplerGlReducer,

  // Your other reducers here
  app: appReducer

// create store
const store = createStore(reducer, {}, applyMiddleware(taskMiddleware));

If you mount keplerGlReducer in another address instead of keplerGl, or it is not mounted at root of your reducer, you will need to specify the path to it when you mount the component with the getState prop.

2. Mount component

import KeplerGl from '';

const Map = props => (

3. Add data to map

In order to interact with a instance and add new data to it, you can dispatch the addDataToMap action from anywhere inside your app. It adds dataset(s) to a instance and updates the full configuration (mapState, mapStyle, visState).

Read more about addDataToMap

import {addDataToMap} from '';

    // datasets
    datasets: {
      info: {
        label: 'Sample Taxi Trips in New York City',
        id: 'test_trip_data'
      data: sampleTripData
    // option
    option: {
      centerMap: true,
      readOnly: false
    // config
    config: {
      mapStyle: {styleType: 'light'}

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