Layer Attributes

Layer Attribute


Available in

Color/Color based on

Choose the color of your layer or assign color based on a field from your dataset(s).

All layers

High-precision rendering

Activate high-precision rendering when zooming in closely on a layer. High-precision rendering sometimes results in a performance cost.

Point, Arc, Line, Icon, GeoJSON, Hexagon, Grid

Radius/Radius based on

Change the radius of points or assign radius values based on a field from your dataset(s).

Point, Icon, GeoJSON


Change the transparency of a layer. 1 = opaque, 0 = invisible.

All layers

Cluster size

Change the granularity of clusters. The lower the numerical value, the smaller the geospatial radius that will be used to aggregate clusters.


Radius range

Set a lower and upper threshold for projected radius size.

Point, Icon, Geojson, Cluster

Stroke width/stroke width based on

Change the thickness of lines and arcs, or assign a width based on a field from your dataset(s).

Arc, line, Geojson

Stroke width range

Set a lower and upper threshold for projected stroke width.

Arc, Line, Geojson

Grid size

Change the number of square kilometers covered by each grid square.


Color Palette

Choose from multiple, predefined or customized color palettes to apply to your layer. Predefined palettes are either Uber or ColorBrewer colors.

All layers

Color Scale

Choose either a quantile or quantized color scale. A quantile color scale is determined by rank, while a quantized color scale is determined by value.

All layers

Height based on

Assign grid square height based on a field from your dataset.

Grid, Hexagon, S2

Filter by count percentile

Increase or decrease the number of grid squares by choosing a range of percentiles to display.

Grid, Hexagon


Change what portion of each grid cell is covered by a color square.

Grid, Hexagon

Height Scale

Change the height of the grid squares, hexagons or S2 when in 3D mode.

Grid, Hexagon, S2


When activated, draws outlines around geoshapes.

GeoJSON, Point


When activated, geo shapes are filled in with colors.



In 3D mode, assign polygon height values based on some value from your dataset.



Create outlines around extruded polygons.


Stroke or radius based on

Control the radius/thickness of GeoJSON line and point features.


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