A list of examples to demonstrate adding kepler.gl to your app. Each of the examples is a complete project that can be ran locally.

To start each example, cd into the folder then run:

yarn && yarn start
  • Demo App

    kepler.gl as a single page app, loading sample maps from remote url, saving map data to dropbox. This is also the source code of kepler.gl/#/demo.

  • Open Modal

    Open kepler.gl in a modal.

  • Custom Reducer

    Customize kepler.gl reducer initial state, adding more actions using plugin.

  • umd client

    A single html file loading kepler.gl

  • Replace UI Component

    Example showing how to replace kepler.gl default ui components using injectComponents method.

  • Custom theme

    Customize kepler.gl theme by override default style properties.

  • Node App

    Embed Kepler.gl in a node/express/webpack application.

  • Custom map style

    Demo how to use kepler.gl with other basemap services other than Mapbox.

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